Second Saturday is presented by qualified professionals dedicated to helping people properly navigate the confusing and stressful divorce process. Our team of presenters educates individuals about how to successfully face many of the common legal, financial, family and personal issues involved in divorce so they can move on toward better things ahead.

Cynthia Mittleider

Workshop Leader
Real Estate Professional

My motivation for getting involved with Second Saturday came after I was working as a court-appointed Real Estate Agent. I quickly noticed the importance of educating divorcing couples of their options when a home sale is going to be part of their division of assets. A home is a multifaceted asset and “selling it” has financial, legal, physical AND emotional consequences. I wanted to make sure that both parties knew that there was support for this aspect of separation. Rather than allowing the court to determine the sale of their biggest financial investment, it is in their best interest to hire their own independent expert to help them navigate not just the sale, but the tensions along the way. I was in their shoes once when I went through my own divorce many years ago and have often wished Second Saturday workshops were available back then to help even me, a professional woman, to balance the emotions of a divorce with the need for careful planning and preparation. 

It is my goal to encourage people to be educated prior to proceeding with divorce. Oftentimes the emotional aspects of divorce interfere with the consideration of the long-term impact decisions made under duress can have. I want to help make sure they are taken care of and love that my fellow Second Saturday Presenters are motivated to do the same. 

While I did go through my own divorce and custody battle years ago, I have been happily remarried for 10 years now to a beautiful man and together we have a full life that includes our favorite hobbies: traveling, gardening, and of course, all things houses. Together we enjoy working in our respective fields. He is in the construction industry and I specialize in residential real estate. I have two daughters from my first marriage; one in graduate school, and my eldest daughter, a recruiter for Google, was recently engaged and I have the joy of adding a son-in-law to our family and hopefully some grandchildren in due time.

My favorite Quote:
“Wisdom is nothing more than healed pain” 

Cynthia Mittleider
Real Estate Broker | Lic# 01275965


Stephen M. Fatula

Partner at McCoy Fatula, LLP
McCoy Fatula, LLP

When you choose McCoy Fatula to help you initiate your divorce proceeding, establish or modify a custody order, or secure support and financial stability, you are showing how much you care by hiring the best.

At McCoy Fatula, we take a comprehensive approach to family law
matters. We look at the big picture, listen to your wants and needs,
then customize a legal strategy that fits. We sit down with you and
help you work through all of your concerns and questions to ensure
you understand the journey you are about to go through.

Stephen M. Fatula
JD Rutgers School of Law
MBA Rutgers School of Business – Magna Cum Laude
BS Wesley College – Magna Cum Laude

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Lori Hunter, LMFT

Lori helps divorcing couples do so with love and respect and uncouple in a way that honors both people and any children involved.

If that’s not possible, she helps you put the pieces back together, gain control of your life and find a new normal… working with a therapist can make that path a lot easier!

She can also help you with co-parenting; whether working together in the same room or individually working with her on the same joint goals –she can give you and your family the individual attention that will help vs a book or online course.

Lori Hunter

Relationship Therapy Center
916-426-2757 x 701

Rachael Burns, CFP, CDFA

Certified Financial Planner, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst
True Worth Financial Planning

Rachael is passionate about helping women achieve financial independence during and after divorce.

As a Certified Financial Planner and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst with over 16 years of experience, she is qualified to guide you through the financial complexities of divorce.

If you feel like you’re at a disadvantage due to your lack of financial knowledge or experience and you want an unbiased opinion from a financial expert, Rachael can help. 

  • Detailed comparison of settlement options.
  • Investing your settlement to secure your long-term financial future.
  • Strategies for the family home: buyout, sell, or co-owning.
  • Pros and cons of lump sum payouts versus monthly income.
  • Insurance strategies to protect child/spousal support or equalization payments.

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Paula Harvey

Home Loan Strategist
Welcome Home Loans

I have been providing mortgage financing for my clients for twenty-two years, and am passionate about meeting my clients where they are, guiding and educating them throughout the loan process.  I was invited to join in the Second Saturday, and the minute I walked in and heard from the guests in the room, I knew I was here for a reason.  I went through a very difficult divorce many years ago, and believe we don’t just go through things, we go through them so we can learn and grow, and ultimately help others going through similar difficulties. 

I see it as a gift that I can take my deep understanding of the financial intricacies involved in divorce settlements and the implications of mortgage financing, listen to my client’s needs, then provide them with the best solution from my expertise as a mortgage professional. 

With comprehensive knowledge of mortgage products and regulations, combined with a keen sensitivity to the emotional and financial challenges of divorce, I am dedicated to providing compassionate and personalized guidance to individuals navigating property division during divorce proceedings.  Whether it’s assisting clients in understanding their mortgage options post-divorce, refinancing existing mortgages, or helping divorcing couples secure new home loans, I am committed to delivering tailored solutions that align with each of my client’s unique circumstances and goals.

There is life on the other side, and I have learned that personally.  This belief and passion come out in everything I do, and I am happy to be here in this group to help as many people navigate to their best life on the other side of this. 

I love quotes and one thing I realized some time ago in going through difficult times is that, when you are going through something, the good news is that you are going through it.  You are not stuck in it. 

916.983.2401 NMLS 253888 | DRE 01395145